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SEO and other digital advertising techniques

SEO Technology

Search engine came into existence when two university students designed a basic search engine in 1998. Slowly other popular search engines came in to use which considered both offline factors as well online factors to determine the search listings. Agencies which are good at SEM Singapore will consider the factors such as Meta tags, keywords, headings, and links while doing the SEM for any website. Over the years  search engines have changed the algorithm which used to calculate the way the websites are getting displayed in the web search and web rankings. They have stopped disclosing the way they are doing the calculation as people began to exploit using black hat techniques to get their website listed in the web search with good rankings. Agencies which are well known for SEM in Singapore won’t use any black hat techniques to show the growth. Rather they will use the traditional and more cultured way to get the things done for their clients.

Over the years, different SEO practitioners have studied the different pattern in which the sites are getting listed and shared their opinions through their website . Patents related to search will provide more information related to understanding how the search engine works now a day. Increase in online technology make people simple to maximize the benefits and complete list of products analyze in webpage. While searching through web links different information gather by clients and people unable to pick the best site depend upon the business requirement.

Agencies good at singapore sem have good developers and content makers. A good content maker creates good content with keywords which will attract the people to their website. This in turn will lead to more visits and which may increase the revenue for the company. They also maintain data both in the form of statistics and graphical which shows how the ranking has improved since their service has been hired.  It is imperative that they keep tracking the changes they have done so that they can go back in case the changes made does not yield the desired result in optimizing. It is better to have the SEM hired for longer period of time to have effective results. Hiring them for a  small period may provide results in short term but it won’t be beneficial for long term gains. It is compulsion that you hire their services for a long time.



3 Powerful Tips For Android Data Recovery Services

Are you an Android phone user? Data Recovery Services often serve well for people who have lost contacts, personal photos, videos, chat history, files and other personal information from their phone. While most major data loss issues need to be handled by an expert, here are some helpful tips for data recovery at home.

Data Recovery from a broken phone

Is your screen cracked or your phone display damaged? Is the phone booting but not displaying anything? For touch screen or display damage, you can still recover file data using the following steps:

  • Connect your broken android device to a computer using the phone USB cable.
  • If your phone connects successfully, an AutoPlay Dialog box will pop up on your computer.
  • Click on the open folder icon to access all the files on your phone.
  • Copy and paste the required data from your phone files to your computer files.

If the phone is not booting, or the Auto Display option does not pop up, you’ll need professional data recovery services to help you.

Data Recovery for Snap Chat photos

Did you accidentally delete some Snap Chat photos from your android device? Our Data Recovery Services Team has discovered that all received Snap Chat photos are saved with the “.nomedia” extension in Android Cache. This extension makes them hidden or invisible.

To recover these photos go to your File organizer (All Files) and look within the path “ > cache > received_image_snaps.”

If this does not work for you, try recovering the data from your cloud back up. Many data recovery services will recommend setting up Google Drive or Dropbox as your image back up option for all apps. If you have done this already, you can log in to your cloud account and select “restore to your Android Device”.

All images saved in the last sync will be restored. Few images may be lost if they were received after your last cloud sync. If you have not set up Cloud back up, contact your local data recovery services for further guidance.

Data Recovery for Contact Information

Did you do a factory reset and lose all your Android phone contact information? Sometimes phone contact information can be lost if your device has been damaged.

Luckily, Android phones automatically back up all contact information with your Gmail account. To access this, log in to your Gmail account on a computer. On the left hand side of your screen, you will see the word Gmail written in red, above the Compose Button. Click on this – a dropdown will appear. Select Contacts from the dropdown list.

All your phone’s contacts can be found here. You can manually retrieve any phone numbers you need from this page. Once your android device gets fixed, or you buy a new android phone, Google will automatically restore your contact information from here.

If you still can’t find the contact information you need, Google may not have backed up your recently added contacts due to Internet connection issues. In this case, please contact your local data recovery services for help.

Data Recovery for deleted images

Did you take some awesome snaps from yesterday’s party, only to have them deleted today by your toddler?  One quick way to recover recently deleted images on Android is to install the Disk Digger App.

Go to your Google Play store, search for Disk Digger and install it. Open Disk Digger and select “Refresh List” to view all folders on your phone. Select the “System” folder. Then select “Scan Device” to see a list of recently deleted files. Select the images you want to recover and simply hit save to restore them to your Gallery again.

Advanced Android Data Recovery Services

Sometimes, you may lose data due to more complex issues. For example:

  • Your SD card gets corrupted due to a virus attack.
  • Your phone gets damaged due to water, chemicals or heat.
  • Internal device memory damage

Even in these scenarios, professional data recovery services can help you retrieve the lost data.

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