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The world of technology is very dynamic. The innovators in this field of industry are always coming up with new concepts, gadgets and systems. Thanks to the Internet, access to information is much easier today. People are able to learn how to come up with various types of technologies on their own. Examples of these are computer systems, smartphones, drones, entertainment devices and medical equipment. It can be very difficult to keep up with these innovations all over the world. Thankfully, there is a website which collects the latest technology news about these innovations and posts it all in one convenient location. This website is known as Techrevel. You can access it by navigating to Read on to learn much more about it.

What is found within Techrevel?

This is a website that contains technology articles about the latest innovations emerging around the world. It organizes this information in various webpages. These include mobile, science, gadgets, social, reviews, videos, startup and funding. These categories contain specific technology news in that field. Here is more about each page.

The mobile news

One of the technological innovations which we rely on most today is the mobile device. This one takes the form of smartphones and tablets.  We are able to make phonecalls, send messages and even surf the Internet from these devices. There are various manufacturers of smartphones today. Examples of these are:

  1. Samsung
  2. Apple
  3. Blackberry
  4. Asus
  5. LG
  6. Sony

Thanks to these different brand names in the market, the competition between these manufacturers is very stiff. As such they are always making new innovations for example the new Blackberry Hub and app suite to stay ahead of the crowd. Techrevel captures these innovations and presents them as news to keep us informed.

Gadget news

Technological gadgets are innovations which make day to day life easier. In most cases, they are made of electronic parts controlled digitally with computer systems. They are found in various fields of industry. Examples of these are home appliances, prosthetics, surveillance, entertainment and dietetics. Techrevel covers these innovations and informs you of the latest technology news in the exciting world of gadgets.

Funding news

Money is an important resource. It allows for the creation and availing of resources wherever they are required. The world of technology involves the transfer of money from one source to the other quite a lot. For example, Venture Capitalists (VC) can buy stocks in a startup, technology companies can win tenders worth a lot of money and innovators can sell their companies for particular amounts of cash. This sort of news is well covered in the funding section of

Startup news

Young companies in the world of technology are known as startups. Some of them are really small but have big ideas. They come up with technological devices, software, games and system mechanisms such as Niche Link Building. Whenever there is news in the field of startups for example how Playbuzz got a $15 million cash injection from Saban, covers the story and presents it to you.


It can be difficult to keep up with the world of technology. This is because of how things happen really quickly all the time. You can stay abreast of technology news by logging into regularly.

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