The popular TV shows in your mobile and win millions of cash

People are now communicating with each and every individual who is located in long distance with the help of network facilities. The famous millionaire game can be now accessed effectively on the website. The game is one of the most popular games in the traditional days and that are telecasted as a TV show. This game is hosted by a talented and a strong person in the year 1999. There are many awards that have been provided for this game and that motivates the show to continue from one season to the other season. But many people are feeling inconvenient in watching the show at the right time in TV. Even most of the people are interested in playing this game but not all the people can play in the traditional days. Thus, now the online version has solved the entire problem in an easier way and now any number of people can play this game. This online version will be same like the traditional days. But the user must be clear with all the instructions that are described in the online platform. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?Makes the user play comfortably and that will be a helpful tool for all the people to know the skills.

Rules and lifelines

The first four set of questions will be simpler and will start offering a minimum amount. If the question of any of these four will be wrong, the user will return the game with nothing. If the player answers the fifth question correctly, they will start collecting the concern rewards that are offered for them. play «Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?» Itoffers huge benefits for people by providing the rewards for their each answer. As the player moves the next level, the complex of the question increases, as well as the amount of the rewards, will also be increased. The players can access the lifelines which will safeguard from any of the critical situation when the user got confused in any of their answers. The lifelines are listed below in a detailed description are as follows.

  • 50/50 – It eliminates the two options and provides one incorrect and a correct answer. And the user must select the perfect answer.
  • Audience – The audience can support by polling and that is mentioned in the chart which makes the player choose the majority of the option
  • Phone a person – Talking by using a phone for 30 seconds and can analyze the answer.


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